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Bad News first.  More and more people in the

world are trying and failing to build a Network team

of like minded members which looks so Easy and

Simple to start and build.

They soon realize that they are “late birds” and the

people who have made a fortune are the early birds,

who continue to make lots of money because they

will always be on Top of the Matrix or “Pyramid”  and

now have the funds to advertise a lot and continue

to stay on Top of the pyramid. Not Fair you may shout.


The Good news is a New Fair Marketing System has

evolved that enables Late Birds "TO GET ON TOP." and

to become Early Birds. This is called a Board of 6 Matrix.

This is like a Bicycle pedaled by 6 people plus you, to help

you complete your short journey ( cycler) quickly.



A newbie needs just 6 downline (2+4) to cycle

and get paid and get  on TOP of his or her New

Board of 6 Matrix.

Every time you cycle, you get a position on TOP

of your board and become an early bird on TOP

a New Board of 6 Matrix, and the Early Bird, members

who were above you in the previous Board of 6 Matrix

fall under you.

The result and success stories of members who have

earned a little money in other MLM etc are mind blowing.

I have seen my down line in other MLMs for even 5 years,

now earning a lot more than me, in this New Board of 6 Matrix.

How cool is that for Newbies and Late Birds who lose out even after working very hard.

Done For you by the strongest Upline Team in IC

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Just 6 needed to cycle and Earn.

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