Why Donsway Easy Video Producer
Do you have control of your videos? 

Grow your Business with your own Private

Donsway Easy Video Producer

instead of Public Youtube Videos that advertise
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Your  advertising videos could be 10 times better, 
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I am nearly 80 yrs young soon., but love making
these videos daily.

Why is Video hosting/storage so important and now so popular?

Once you upload a video to Youtube or Facebook,

you are no longer in control, and the ownership of

your videos turns to them.

With Youtube and Facebook closing accounts and channels

every day...you are at risk!

Hundreds of thousands of people have now turned to

secure video hosting/storage for their own protection

and taking full control of their video empire.

Welcome to Donsway Vid, a video-based platform

that will allow you to record video,

upload video, record just audio, and record your desktop.

With massive video storage

and an amazing affiliate program. This is a true winner!

Also included is a lead capture system with its very own

video page builder so you can make a huge impact with

your video empire generating a consistent flow of leads.

Does Donsway Vid have Vimeo or Wistia beat?

They are 2 of the biggest video hosting

companies on the planet and they are insanely expensive

with no commission payout structure!

Let's just say...

* Donsway Vid pricing is 1/10th the cost

* Donsway Vid compensation plan pays out 60% commissions.

(35% Direct Commission followed by a 25% Matching Check).

This 2 tier affiliate program is a winner! Why?

Simply because the other video hosting and streaming companies

offer ZERO!



Special offer.

Basic 24.97 members can earn 35% commission
of $699.00, One Time, Lifetime members. Wow!!
To our friendship & success working together
for a secure Passive income

Don Gonsalves