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Donald Gonsalves

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Keep It Super Smart


Don Gonslves



GVO / PureLeverage  Pay Back Time

for Don.

I have tried for years to help my

downline with Commission based

MLM tool businesses, with little success,

because Tool business are not MLM,

Family Businesses. In order to build

massive downlines and have zero attrition,

the MLM model must have a Perfect Product

for Team building.

I have been earning small commission

from thousands of GVO /PL / 7MWO / GotBackup

every month, for over 5 yrs. in some

cases e.g. GVO Titanium.

Many of these downline have earned

very little or nothing for years. I am

not sure if  they have used these fantastic

tools to build other successful businesses.

I sincerely hope so.

However, on the 21st July 2105 the first

Non Commission, Instant Win, MLM

is being launched.

If you are lucky to be living in the UK,

this will be Tax Free Income.

The bad news is that 4 countries including

the USA cannot join yet.

( The 4 are USA, Nigeria, Iran and N. Korea)

(I have thousands of hot contacts, GVO

downline to Level 70, now on my waiting list. )

The plan is a 5 by 6 Forced Matrix, which

means a helpful sponsor with MLM experience,

can create massive Spillover and spill under,

while trying to fill his / her own matrix.


The product is the most popular daily fun

Scratch Card game. First Profit Sharing for MLM.

Imagine if you are an Early Bird in my Matrix with

5+25+125+625+3125+15,625= Total of 19,530 downline

Each of the 5 legs will have 3,906 Team members.

Even if you are on my 3rd level, I will use

my 30 + yrs. of MLM skills and experience

to build a team of a minimum 3000 + downline under you.


I would like to put you into our Secret Facebook group, before sending you the Link. You will see why and realize that this is the best way to duplicate and Leverage this Luck Biz. quickly. The group is now 4000+ strong , created without a link, just a hand shake.90% of the group consist of Facebook members from Europe/UK and Australia.



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Hello Friend, I have thousands of downline in my MLMs who live in the USA, but they are not eligible for this awesome Scratch Cards MLM, First on the Internet ( Canada OK )>>>OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Just had confirmation that Lucky5 will definitely be opening its doors at 12.00 Noon UK time on Tuesday 21st July 2015! Its happening!. There will NO signup method on the page, ALL links will come down in an ordered fashion from your line of Sponsorship. To join my line of sponsorship and become an Early Bird, I need you to join our Secret Facebook Group before the 21st July 2015. You will be able to see this amazing unique Non Commission, based on Instant Winnings, Profit Sharing Plan. Can I put you into our Secret, Facebook Page?

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I will be filling my 5 by 6 Forced Matrix of 19,530 downline

members with or without you. So you do not have to be a genius

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before the launch on 15th Sept 2015.

Launch date 15th Sept.2015. First winners to make their Luck,will
be posted on 18th Sept 2015. 
Learn to make yourself and others Lucky like Don Gonsalves
and his TEAM.
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