Our unique and PROVEN approach, and why … until now … the fitness industry has failed miserably.

You have learned by now that we only train 7 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

We hope you have also learned that this approach is actually better than training more!

It is hard to believe, and it takes a while to forget the old adopted myths about fitness. However, it is a point that needs to be underlined in your mind.

With our program, as fitness improves through consistent training, we change intensity, NOT duration. In other words, as our exercise program becomes a part of your life (like brushing your teeth) your fitness will improve and your training program will change,but NOT get longer.



We use chemical reactions in the body to ensure that the workouts we put you through do not create the negative emotions associated with over training. The lifestyle choices we guide you through are designed to help you add our fitness routines into your life schedule.

One month from now, when you are still following our program, you will be living proof.

One year from now when fitness is part of your life routine, you will be a living example of how right we are.

20 years from now as you walk past the prescription counter at the drug store and see the line full of old trainers getting their pain medication for their destroyed joints… and you see their former clients (who they won’t recognize because they only worked together for 2 weeks) getting their prescriptions filled for their weight related maladies… you will be so glad you are a long term example of how the correct approach to fitness improves, enhances and elongates your entire life!

Replace the Pill with profit sharing 7 minutes workout exercise.