Don Gonsalves

Preparation for the Launch

of NowLifestyle/7mwo



If #MIA does not work for you then

learn to use the tools in your 7 mwo  back office to use  #MPA

Very Easy to look Professional, thanks to Joel Therien,

and his commitment to all 7 mwo  members this month

March 2016

Joel’s Facebook Site



MIA = Massive Imperfect Action

MPA = Massive Perfect Action

 Steps to promote with a Perfect Link

1. Login into your back office

Copy and Paste ( After reading all instructions below)


2. Click on Your Exercise Videos


Explore Your Videos

3. In the Work out Gym, Click on

Workout #1 

Chest and Triceps


4 Scroll to the bottom and click on the f book logo in blue.

  Connect  in Blue


   Go back to Workout #1


5 Click on #Workout 1 again

6. Scroll to the bottom again and click on the

Blue Facebook Logo again

( I have finished my workout, share on Facebook   f  inBlue.)

 7. Write comment in the box.  e.g. I have just started  my 7 minutes of Chest and Biceps exercise at home. (Over the How was your workout?) Inside the box

8. Click Post. Green Box (This goes automatically into your Facebook Fan Page with your 7 minute workout Link. link

Embedded in the 7 min workout picture.

Now MPA every other day. Massive Perfect Action every other day.

Looks very professional. Do this every other day before your exercise.


Good Luck



Feed Back would be appreciated.

Thank You.

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