Use only Free Methods of getting Leads and Prospects, so as

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Zero Overheads should be every MLMers goal in building teams of

100 or 1000 or 10, 0000. Just start with 2 and make your business

Free within weeks, so you will never have to quit when you have a Free

Business with Zero Overheads


I do not do Amway any more because of the possibility of spreading MLM with the Internet to 100 + countries with "Digital Real Products." However, I learned and use all that is required to build a Massive Network  from Rich DeVos who I followed for 10 yrs, in my early MLM days 1979 to 1989.

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In 1989 I joined a UK based MLM, based on the Amway model called L’Arome UK . Within 12 months my Amway training enabled me to earn

UK £ 9000.00 per month (USA $15,000.00) per month, just by sponsoring 5 personal signups out of the 5000+ in my downline.

For 3 yrs. The only thing that motivated me were the words Royalty Income, now called Passive Income or Residual Income on the Internet.

Learn how to earn these Secure and Exciting Incomes from#donwins4free using the Simple and Easy and Free #LLTND method used by every MLMer,  

and especially by MLM, millionaires before the Internet was invented. Repeat ( Use only Free Methods for getting Leads and Prospects )

Why Free? Because you need to find 2 like minded friends quickly, for Duplication and Leverage to start taking place quickly, to 6 Levels Deep  in your Team.

Always remember that in 1959 MLM was invented for the “Poor” entrepreneur who had no credibility or assets to start a small business of his/her own, and could not sell without expensive professional coaching.

I learn about #SIA in 1979 when I joined Amway. SIA = Simple Imperfect Action to find Just 2 partners.

#Royalty Income #Passive Income #Residual Income




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