LOVE and HOPE by Both

It is awesome to see that NLS members 

are befriending more and more Karatbars 

members and Karatbars members are 

befriending more and more NLS members 

on Facebook.

The reason this is happening is because 

both these companies have charismatic leaders, 

who are passionate about changing the world 

for the less fortunate people, who are just surviving 

by struggling everyday. Both these companies are 

promoting No Hype opportunities that will enable 

thousands of people to LIVE,LOVE & LAUGH

everyday on Facebook.

You truly have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain.

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My username is donwins4free.



Donald Gonsalves

Congratulations to NLS and Karatbars.

 ❤️      you both. 



Don Gonsalves