Do your friends and relations ever ask you

if you are still trying to make money on the Internet?


My acid test for which MLM I should

cling to is based on questions from friends and family.

The only MLM out of my 5 MLMs that I earn a monthly income from,

that my friends and even some family members keep asking me questions

about is #NowLifestyle.

Questions like :-

Don, what is your “diet” that makes you look so young?

Are you sure you got your date of birth right?

Are you still doing that Muscle is Magic MLM business?

Can you really make money by trying to lose weight?


No one ask me about washing up products, or e-books, or coaching, or Internet Tools, or websites or domains or autoresponders, or rotators, or list building, or even advertising or gold coins.

All they want to know is how come I am always looking cool.

My answer is meet me in the Back Office through here