Stupid Mistake by an Experienced MLMer

On 12 March 2011 over 5yrs  ago I quit going to the Fitness Gym in my local town in the United Kingdom and decided to join a digital fitness Gym based in St. Antonia, Texas USA,at half the monthly fee and do my exercise in the comfort of home.

The simple reason was that after Beta testing the digital workout for 10 days, I discovered that I was getting a lot fitter faster and losing extra weight and inches on my waist line, at half the monthly fee, and I was 70 yrs. old. As an experienced MLMer I could see the potential of the Digital Gym to earn an income as well. I chose the username “GetFitnRich”

I even have videos to prove my success.

Can anyone guess why that was a Stupid Mistake?

I have just joined my local Gym called Solutions?

Can anyone guess why I am so excited doing my digital 7mwo in my local Gym instead of at home?

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