Keep It Simple Stupid

You have NEVER seen anything like this.

I am hoping I can make 2022 the best year of your life! 
In order to do that we have to hit the ground running NOW
so we are prepared.
The one thing I know you need is the TeamBuildClub
digital KISS method.
KISS = Keep it Simple Stupid method.
Here’s how you can win.
Attend 3 TBC Zoom Meetings on Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday.
Thurs. Zooms are Training meetings after you have seen the
Generous Profit Sharing Marketing Plan for 2022.
Meet me at all the Zooms Don Gonsalves
KISS Keep It Simple Stupid.
Just attending TBC Zooms with Don Gonsalves
will make you Bloom in 2022.
See RT Link in BIO
My Stiforp Rotator is designed to get you
sign ups from my list of leads I have built 
since 2005 on the Internet. 
After you have a downline of 20 
TBC. members or whenever you like, you too can get a Stiforp Rotator 
from my Stiforp link and I will show you how I use 
my Rotator to help my downline, which you can copy.
This is my Stiforp Link which you may not need yet, as I will use
my Rotator to help you make the money you may need.
Go Deep 2by2 to Reap
TeamBuildClub = 12 Levels Deep
Project 1 of TBC = 16 Levels Deep from 1st Feb 2020
Link will be in TBC back office on 1st Feb 2022
Stiforp 15 yrs old company = 14 Levels Deep
Watch this video to learn how the TBC matrix will grow.
explained in Several Languages
English,Russian,Spanish, Portuguese,French,German,
To our friendship & success working together on Zoom 
for a Secure Passive/Residual income
Don Gonsalves

https://www.facebook.com/ don4help/

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