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Why is GVO, exploding?

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Is this program ONLY for beginners?

No.  Anyone from any part of the world who wants to get fit or earn a MLM Passive Income in the fitness and weight loss industry, can have a Profit Share in this State of the Art Gym and coaching by Joel. I live in England, thousands of miles away from this State of the Art Gym, in Texas,  but I use it every other day.

I joined this program in 2011, when I was 69, now I am 74 and feel like 47!!

I am not sure if I feel like 47 because of the 7 minutes exercise or because of the

Passive Income I make from having a share in this MLM opportunity.

The program thatJoel used to win National Body Building crowns is found within our site.

The program Chris Reid, used to win the World Championships in Taekwon-Do in 2004 can be found within our site.

We have programs for beginners, right up to professional athletes and everything in between!

All you have to do to share in the Profits of this State of the Art Gym,

is to get to KLT , the owner Joel Therien and his Team Members.


Get to Know Like and Trust Joel Therien.



Donald Gonsalves