Fear Motivates Dave

Can Fear be a good Motivator?

My mini blog about the 4 D’s that Motivate

my friend Dave.

Dave,Doctor, Dead and 4th D ?

I was driving to town on Sunday when I saw

my friend Dave walking, almost jogging along

the road using a brand new pair of trainers.

I stopped to give him a lift and refused to get

into the car.

At first I thought it was my simple car, because

he has a chauffeur driven Mercedes. I asked him

why he was walking, and he said he was walking

to town to buy some bran tablets at the health

food shop.

I asked him why and he said the Doctor told him

that if he did not lose 7 lbs of weight per month for

the next 3 months, he would be DEAD within 2 years.

I said I told him 3 yrs ago to start my 7 minutes workout

From home fitness program and you said No, you were

in great shape.

He said that I told him that 7 minutes workout would

improve his quality of life and make him live longer.


“ I wish you had said I would be "Dead" in 2 yrs.

time” like my Doctor told me last week. All I could

say was, when you lose 20 lbs, give Don ( 4th D ) a

call, so that you can sustain this weight 

loss and lose even a few more pounds per week.


I forgot about him, because he already had lots of money.

I forgot 7 minute workout was a lot more than just making

MLM,  money.

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