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Don't Put All Your Eggs in One  Basket

When thinking about using video for your organization, I always say think beyond just doing one video. If you include all of the aspects of your business into one video, that video can get watered down and over loaded with information that you actually lose the audience you hope to keep. It becomes bloated and a little long. So what's the alternative? Make a shorter more focused video on each of the things your business does and build a series around these.




Secure you Income by putting your eggs in more than one basket.

If you find it easier to make a little Non passive income

with Non Multilevel Marketing (  go for it,) but secure it

by investing the small cash payments, into secure ethical Marketing

Opportunities that pay Passive Incomes, down to Infinity levels.




Go 6 Deep to Reap from 10, 14 and even Infinity levels.


Karatbars pays to Infinity levels.

Members “Never Quit” They are members for Life
Even as Free Members. 
Nothing to Lose. Everything to Gain.

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 7 Minutes workout pays to Infinity Levels


 Stiforp have been paying me to 14Levels Deep.


GVO have been paying me to 10Levels Deep.



GDI have been paying me to 5 Levels Deep.


LTW pays to 10 Levels Deep ( United Kingdom Only)


MAP pays well but not MLM. Pays just one level deep.