How 2 Earn For Free

How much can I make with Karatbars

with no costs involved?

Karatbars is not like an MLM... There are no fees or subscriptions or targets so you get to keep every cent that you make from every sale and you have zero overheads. 

I give people these two earnings examples

1.If you are a free affiliate and not in the dual system. 

If you have 100 customers saving one gram of gold each per week you would be selling 400 grams per month. 

400 x €55 = €22000 in sales - so you would be on 3.5% out of a possible 6% which would give you €770 

The world must be full of people who could do with an extra €770 per month with no costs involved. 


If you Work My #donsLLD  System then the System Will Work For YOU


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